Private Pilot License (PPL)

This is a complete PPL, IR, MER and CPL training program following a detailed syllabus for both ground and flight training to meet the requirements of the UAE GCAA CPL. The minimum requirement is 200 flight hours.

Conversion Of License

EFS will assist members who have obtained licenses from other ICAO contracting states, to convert their foreign license to UAE PPL by imparting both flight and ground training. Members are required to pass UAE Air Law exam, UAE medical and PPC flight check for conversion.

Ground Classes

Instructor conduct detailed preflight and post- flight briefings. No extra cost is charged for these briefings. However any students requiring one to one ground classes with an Instructor will be charged at AED 100/hr. Booking will be made depending upon the flight schedule of the Instructor. Books, Manuals, Navigation Charts and other pilot accessories can be purchased from the School Pilot Shop.