Licence Converstion


In order to convert your foreign license to a UAE license you will need to fulfill the following


  • Provide a copy of Valid Foreign License and valid Foreign Medical (With the original license for reference).
  • In case of CPL conversions you will need to provide proof of UAE/GCC nationality or a Job as Pilot in UAE.
  • A Valid UAE Medical. (List of doctors available at the reception)
  • Certified Original Logbook from your previous Flight School, and a letter/proof of previous flight training records.
  • Letter of application to the Emirates Flying School, stating reasons for license conversion and reasons for leaving previous Flying School.
  • Enrollment as a member with the Emirates Flying School by submitting 5 Passport size photographs, one valid Passport copy with residence visa, completed registration form, AED 1000 and AED 1500 advance for training. In case the student leaves midway during his conversion this amount will not be refundable.
  • Preparation towards UAE Air law written examination.
  • .For PPLs, the applicant must provide a copy of the approved syllabus of training for all Countries other than;

    United Kingdom
    or a European country complying with JAA-FCL

    Pakistan (Peshawar)
  • Any other details if required for the purpose of license conversion will be intimated by the staff of Emirates Flying School. Upon completion of the above you will be required to successfully pass the UAE GCAA Air Law written examination for Foreign License conversion and a flight test in the following manner.

    EFS facilitates in scheduling the date of examination.
    Dual Flights as training towards flight check
    Flight Check for License conversion.